Standards and Quality

Experience, Standards And Quality

The worries to always satisfy our customers and preserve their entire security, DISTRITECHNA commits on the quality of its products and the respect of their standards.

All our products are accompanied by a certificate of conformity according to EC Directive PED 2014/68/UE of a leak report.

On request:

  • a material certificate
  • of technical specifications
  • a clean in your business identification code
  • the ADR certification, consistent with the requirements of Appendix IV. I of the said order TMD with issuance of the certificate of test

In order to ensure traceability, our hoses are equipped with identification rings.

Certification de la production par organisme notifié

SN DISTRITECHNA réalise des flexibles extrêmement variés au moyen d’une offre large et conforme aux diverses réglementations :
  • DESP 2014/68/UE, article 4 et catégories I à III (Directive européenne des Equipements Sous Pression)
  • Arrêté TMD du 29/05/2009 (réglementation transport des matières dangereuses)

Experience, Standards And Quality

We manufacture our hoses according to qualified welding procedures. Thus we produce fluid transport solutions that meet the specifications defined by Article 4 aragrpahe 3, category I module A and category II module A2.